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You have learned that an enlargement will change the size and position of an object.

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In this geometry instructional activity, students enlarge shapes by a given scale factor.

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If you scale something by a factor between 0 and 1, you are actually reducing the length of everything.GCSE mathematics enlargement by a negative scale factor questions appear on many exam papers and you can download the questions here.You understand that you need a Scale Factor and a Centre of Enlargement in order to be able to do an Enlargement.If working is crossed out and still legible, then it should be given any appropriate marks, as long as it has not been replaced by.

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Check out the Grade C pack for additional topics or buy our dual pack of Grade C and Grade B to A cards and take.In this case, negative scale factors can be given, in which case the new distance is measured in the opposite direction from the centre of enlargement.An enlargement using a negative scale factor is similar to an enlargement using a positive scale factor, but this time the image is on the other side of the center of enlargement, and it is upside down.

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Grade Criteria Can Do To get a grade B you must be able to: Find.AQA Linked Paired Pilot Methods 2 Higher June 2012 Paper Question15 Enlargement with Fractional and Negative Scale Factors GCSE Maths revision Exam paper pra.A scale factor is simply a number that multiplies the dimensions of a shape.Grade Criteria Can Do To get a grade C you must be able to: Enlarge a shape by a positive whole number scale factor.Enlargement Negative Scale Factor Questions Answers. Level 8-9.Write Write the common factors of 30 and 40 the numbers that are factors of 30 and 40.Worksheet on Enlargements.

Welcome to the largest database of past papers for ocr past papers, edexcel and aqa past papers for gcse and A levels.Similar triangle XYZ has a scale factor of 2 compared to triangle ABC.

A model of a dinosaur skeleton was made using a scale of 1 ft: 10 ft in a museum.The main things to remember when working with these types of questions are.Students follow the Edexcel Maths syllabus and have the opportunity of sitting either the Higher or Foundation papers at the end of Year 11.

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How to draw Enlargements with Negative Scale Factor or Scale Factor between 0 and 1.So, if the scale factor is three, then the dimensions of the new shape will be three times larger than that of the original.

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Items included with question papers Nil Fill in the boxes at the top of this page with your name, centre number and.Label the image C. (b) Enlarge shape B below by a scale factor.

Translations and enlargements (maybe with negative scale factor) Estimate the mean from grouped frequency table, mode and median Trigonometry, remember SOHCAHTOA, sine rule, cosine rule, 0.5absinC for area.

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Twenty two per cent of candidates gave a fully correct answer.GCSE Maths Edexcel Foundation Calculator Paper June 2013 (worked answers) - Duration: 1:07:16.

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To do the enlargement through a centre of enlargement, a straight line is drawn from each point (vertex) of the shape to the centre of enlargement.Compare that to multiplying by a factor of 1.5. The result is a side of length 15 which is bigger.

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