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If you are carrying twins, it may be hard to distinguish one baby from the other.

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My first pregnancy was smooth sailing, but this one has had problems from the start.As a mother of three healthy boys with no previous history of miscarriage, this was a new.

Low Fetal Heartbeat and Confusing Progesterone Levels at 7 Weeks Pregnant.High heart rate generally means that the baby is being active at the moment.I looked into the matter and it seemed from my online research that it was not.Heart rate is the speed of the heartbeat measured by the number of contractions of the heart per minute (bpm).Follow up scan showed normal heart rate, all blood urine tests are normal.Hi Moms, I was wondering if any of you had similar problems during any of your pregnancies.

And the earlier you are the higher the heart rate tends to be.Other signs are also important in the assessment such as the size of the yolk sac and the amount of amniotic fluid.Despite the higher risk for this age group overall, a normal ultrasound result from 7 weeks remains a promising sign.

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I just recently went to the doctor for my first ultrasound and babys heartbeat was 174 is that to high and is it normal just wondering Sponsors 11-14-2017, 11:42 am.

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She said its normal not to be able to hear the heart beat until 11 or 12.

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At 11 weeks pregnant, the heart beat is finally loud enough to hear while you might also start developing food cravings.Bleeding during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, is fairly common.My third pregnancy was uneventful and the baby was born full-term and healthy.

At 8 weeks pregnant, showing a bit is normal, but not showing is too.The average heart rate for baby boys in the first trimester was 154.9 bpm (plus or minus 22.8 bpm) and for baby girls it was 151.7 bpm (plus or minus 22.7 bpm). In other words, this myth is busted.Know that inside your 8 weeks pregnant belly, your uterus is expanding, but it just takes longer for some to show it on the outside.

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Fetal arrhythmia is a term that refers to any abnormality in the heart rate of your baby.

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Age 30, 12 weeks pregnant, USG at 7 weeks showed low fetal heart rate so was prescribed duphaston for 1 week.In 2006, another study published in Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy, tells us that analysis of over 500 births proves again that fetal heart rate cannot predict whether a baby is a boy or a girl.

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One of the major control centers for the body - the hypothalamus - begins to take form.Sometimes, with normal pregnancies, the fetal heartbeat is not visible until a fetal pole of up to 4 mm in length is seen.In my second pregnancy, the fetal heartbeat was also slow, and then slowed more until it stopped around 8 weeks.The heartbeat is detectable by ultrasound as early as 6 weeks, when the heartbeat is around 90 - 110 beats per minute.