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With the emphasis of skaters performing more technical jumps, spins, With the emphasis of skaters performing more technical jumps, spins.The ice is exceptionally thick, between 4.5 and 5 centimeters, and is at its best at -3 degrees Celcius (-26.6 degrees Fahrenheit).With only dance left in the team figure skating competition, Canada has secured the gold over OAR and OAR has secured silver over USA.

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While the figure skaters in PyeongChang are going for glory this week, take a look back at some of the most memorable Olympic figure skating performances through the years.

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Only two other women, both from Japan, have accomplished the feat at the Olympics, and only two other Americans have completed the triple axel in competition.Skaters spend around seven minutes on the ice over two nights of events.Her performance helped Team USA win its second straight bronze medal in the figure skating team event.

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Figure skating is easily one of my top three favorite events during the Winter Olympics.The 5 best Olympic figure skating champions come from around the world and have represented their countries in more than one Olympic game.The young skater is known for his quad jumps and comes into the Games hot off a dominant national championship victory.Over 110 year history, figure skating as a sport has evolved dramatically.

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Several high-up hockey players took figure skating when they were younger, and attribute it greatly to their powerful skating.One of those male competitors from Team USA is getting a lot of extra.I would highly recommend contacting your local figure-skating club and setting up a series of a few one-on-one sessions from a figure-skating coach.

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Only way USA loses bronze is if Shibs are 5th in dance and Italians are 1st.Figure skating is one of the most dazzling and dramatic events at the Winter Olympics (just ask Margot Robbie, Oscar-nominated for her performance as Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding).

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The 22-year-old figure skater is receiving a lot of attention on social media after his U.S. Figure Skating Championships performance on Jan. 4.

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In addition to the standard jumps, spins and footwork of figure skating, the performance of the ice dancers also includes frequent lifts and two-person maneuvers, which require considerable strength and precision.The difference between silver and gold can come down to decimal points.

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Rippon dazzled on the ice, earning a 172.98, which initially moved him into second place before he fell into third.In January 2016, Chen became the first male skater to land four quadruple jumps in competition at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships.

When everything was done, Hanyu won gold (again), with teammate Shoma Uno of Japan taking silver and Fernandez earning bronze.Hanyu can perhaps be considered the greatest male figure skater of all time.Prices displayed with custom designs are estimates based on the design, fabrics, and rhinestones.

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Over the weekend, U.S. figure skater Adam Rippon, who was in Japan competing in the Grand Prix Final, tweeted out the following: Figure skaters are.

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Giphy. Figure skating routines consist of two phases: a short program and free skate (also known as a long program).